Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Why Do Conservatives Hate Americans? Part 3

Repuglican Representative Hayes is a coward. This past weekend in front of a McCain Mob he was all tough as he declared that liberals HATE real Americans, yet when confronted about this statement by the press and the liberal blogosphere, does he have the courage to back his words?

No the lying coward tries to deny it. He lies and says he never said any such thing. Yeah, too bad it was caught on tape, you liar. Have you ever heard of a recording device? I hope Jon Stewart picks this one up, and skewers Liar Hayes. Just so people remember, the exact quote was "Folks, there's a real America, and liberals hate real Americans that work, and accomplish, and achieve, and believe in God."

You can hear it here:

LibertyAir Blog

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