Saturday, October 18, 2008

How Far Has McCain Fallen

The Huffington Post is reporting that John McCain has resorted to using the same Robocall firm that helped to smear him in the 2000 primary race. I ask in all honesty, how low will John McCain go to win the Presidency?

From the Huffington Post:

In his efforts to attack Barack Obama, John McCain appears to have turned to the same political consulting firm that was responsible for spreading vicious smears about the Senator during the 2000 South Carolina GOP primary.

In recent days, the Huffington Post and other outlets have reported on the McCain-funded nationwide robocall campaign charging that Barack Obama "worked closely with" former 60s radical William Ayers. Another RNC/McCain campaign call states that Obama is a "celebrity" politician who was fundraising in Hollywood during the financial crisis.

Once John McCain railed against the practice of using robocalls, calling them "hate calls" and he complained loudly that voters were "inundated" by them. And this was not just back in 2000, no this was also this year. As recently as nine months ago, John McCain and his campaign "were decrying a series of negative robo-calls that were being made to voters before the South Carolina primary accusing him of voting to 'use unborn babies in medical research."
"The tactic - people do phone calls, and they have a political effect when there's unknown quantities about the candidate,'' [senior McCain adviser Steve] Schmidt said back then, as the bus rolled through South Carolina. "So if you look at it eight years ago, John McCain had won the New Hampshire primary, comes down here where he was nowhere nearas widely known as he his today by the people of South Carolina on the issues."

Guess times change, because now the McCain campaign is using similar calls as it seeks to discredit Mr. Obama in a series of battleground states. Tucker Bounds, a McCain campaign spokesman, defended the calls, saying, "These calls are based on hard facts." Of course the McCain campaign is never able to substantiate these "facts" and independent groups have thoroughly debunked the crap McCain is peddling.

I question again, how low will John McCain go to win the Presidency?

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Anonymous said...

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