Sunday, October 19, 2008

Obama raised record $150 million in September with 632,000 new donors

Now we know why the Obama campaign can try to compete in West Virginia, Georgia, Indiana, Missouri, and hold 30 minute shows on ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox. The Obama campaign raised record $150 million in September. This is amazing! For the past week or so, there was a lot of speculation that the Obama campaign might have broken $100 million, which would have been a huge accomplishment. The biggest month before this was the $66 million raised in August. According to the campaign, there were 632,000 new donors, bringing the total number of people who contributed to the campaign to 3.1 million, and the average contribution is $86.

The money started pouring in during the Republican convention and has not stopped yet. Sarah Palin did a lot to help with this, she may have energized the conservative base, but she did more for the liberal left. Keep in mind, September was a trying month. John McCain surged into the lead after his convention and kept it for much of the month. That helped to invigorate the progresive grassroots.

Given the onslaught of negative, vicious attacks on Obama, he'll need this money and more. This is going to make it a bit easier to weather the smear attacks that are coming in the next two weeks.

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