Friday, October 17, 2008

Joe the Plumber; Another Embarrassment by McCain

The biggest thing coming out of Wednesday's debate was of course "Joe the Plumber." I will admit that when John McCain first referenced Joe, I thought it was pretty smart. It put a human face on his argument, and though I thought he went to the well a dozen to many times during the debate, I still thought a good ploy. This of course was because I thought McCain's campaign aides would have vetted Joe.

Boy was I wrong.

Seriously, do McCain's campaign aides even know what the word "vet" means in this context. Vet has multiple meanings, and means more than short hand for someone who served in the military. I really have to wonder.

How could McCain hang his final presidential debate performance on an Ohio "plumber" who campaign aides never vetted?

Joe the Plumber owes back taxes, is not a licensed plumber, and is not an independent voter. And it turns out that Wurzelbacher is not planning on buying a company, makes a lot less than $250,000 a year, and would receive a larger tax cut if Obama were elected president.

A McCain campaign source told the Politico on Thursday that the campaign read about Joe the Plumber on the Drudge Report, while another campaign aide confirmed that he was not vetted.
So the McCain campaign is using Drudge to do their vetting now?

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