Friday, October 17, 2008

Breaking News: Obama Campaign Calls for Special Investigator

Tonight on Countdown with Keith Olbermann it was reported that the Obama Campaign is not sitting still for this Republican attack on A.C.O.R.N. and the false voter fraud fantasy that conservatives are trying to sell the public. The Obama Campaign issued a letter to the Justice Department requesting that the Special Investigator Nora Dannehy expand her investigation to look into the McCain campaign's attempt at voter suppression. accused it "trying to create a much greater doubt about the electoral process altogether," by alleging that ACORN voter fraud could threaten the fabric of our democracy, as McCain claimed in the debate Wednesday night.

Keith tonight interviewed Bob Bauer, an elections lawyer with the Obama camp, who wrote the letter to the DOJ.

He basically told Olbermann that the Obama campaign are concerned that the DOJ's election-eve investigation into ACORN is a repeat of the politicization of the department that we saw in 2006 that led to the US attorney firings scandal.

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Earlier today Bauer released a letter that he sent on behalf of Senator Obama to Attorney General Michael Mukasey calling on him to have the issue taken on by Nora Dannehy, the prosecutor he appointed to investigate the US attorney firings.

Rachel Maddow followed up on this story with an interview of George Washington University Professor Jonathan Turley.

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