Friday, October 31, 2008

Obama campaign going on the air in Georgia, North Dakota -- and Arizona

This morning, Obama campaign manager David Plouffe announced that the campaign is going to
air television commercials in three additional states:
North Dakota and

One of the more interesting things about the Obama campaign that has not received the coverage I would have given it, is the sheer organization capability of Barack Obama. The Obama campaign built a strong ground game across the country, and had their organization on the ground in all three of those states, so that now that the polls are showing a window of opportunity, the campaign is able to place ads that support work already being done.

If the campaign was just putting commericals over the airwaves, I would not give it much chance of making a difference in any of these states, but that it is coming on top of a strong grass-roots movement, there is a chance that it tips the balance.

In Georgia and North Dakota, the campaign will be running the "Rear view" ad. In Arizona, it's the positive closer.

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