Wednesday, October 15, 2008

McCain Did Not Get Game Change

The final debate is over, and again people will be able to offer convincing arguments as to why each candidate won the debate. Barak Obama was calm, cool, and had well thought answers to all the questions, and did counter many of the attacks. John McCain came out swinging, hit Barak Obama with some strong attacks, he was aggressive and scored a few points.

However he never scored a really telling punch, and Barak Obama did not trip himself up.

McCain needed the game-changer and he didn't get it. The snorts, the heavy breathing, and the eye rolls could not have helped his message.

Barak Obama again showed that he is Presidential, that he is bright, and hopeful, and looking towards the future of our country. John McCain again showed that his time is past, that he is focused on the past.

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