Saturday, October 18, 2008

Report Negative Mailings and Phone Calls

Barack Obama and his campaign are not sitting idally by as John McCain and his allies lie and smear. They need the help of all of us though. If you get one of McCain's sleazy robcalls, let the Obama campaign know.

From the Obama campaign:
The McCain campaign has orchestrated a vicious “robocall” and direct mail smear
campaign against Barack.

Fight the Smears is an online resource to help correct the record. More frequently now, Fight the Smears addresses the baseless accusations from John McCain’s 100% negative campaign.

You can help fight back by reporting one or more of the smears they are spreading.

Report smear literature -- Create a digital copy

There are three ways to create a copy. Once the copy is created, upload it using the form to the right.

If you have a computer scanner, you can scan the mail piece to create a digital copy on your computer. Then upload the file using the form to the right.

Go to a nearby print shop to scan the mailing. They should be able to email you the digital versions of the mailings or put them on a CD or USB drive.

The UPS Store, FedEx, or any major office supplies store should be able to create a digital copy.

Take a picture with a digital camera.

Set your camera to its highest quality setting and take the photo in good lighting -- preferably outside in the daytime or with a flash.

Notify the campaign of "Robocall" smears

If you can create a recording of the automated phone call on your computer in .mp3 format, you can upload it directly using the form to the right.

If you have a recording of the negative phone call (on an answering machine or other device), you can report the call over the phone. Call 312-506-8685 and then replay the attack message into the receiver of the phone.

Before you play the message into the phone, be sure to clearly state your name, location and phone number so that the campaign can reach you with any questions.

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