Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Biden Goes After RoboCalls

In Colorado yesterday, Joe Biden went on a tear blasting John McCain on his disgusting, sleazy, untrue robo-calls.

"If he's really serious when he said this morning on one of the shows, that this election is all about the economy, then I say, 'John, stop your ads. Bring down those robocalls.'"

"If it's about the economy, argue the economy.... John, stop these calls!"

Biden built his speech so that it climaxed with a chant of: "John, stop these calls!"

This is a really smart strategy for battling McCain's robo-slime. It reinforces the Obama campaign's chosen frame for the final month of the race: Anytime John McCain and his campaign surrogates steers the discussion away from real issues and towards Obama's bio or character, it's only because he's afraid to debate real issues like the economy, foriegn policy, health care, or energy. It's a great frame for the Obama Campaign and Obama, Biden, and their surrogates show no signs of losing this refrain.

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