Monday, October 20, 2008

Why Do Conservatives Hate Americans?

This is my question that I want answered. Why do North Carolina Representatives Patrick McHenry and Robin Hayes hate half of America?

On Saturday, these two idiots warmed up the crowd at a John McCain rally by throwing red meat to the right-wing audience. Anti-American Hayes accused liberals of hating “real Americans”, not that he would know a real American if he saw one.

And when McHenry was doing his speech he said that voters had a critical choice between McCain and Barack Obama this election. Of course a total mouth breather in the audience yelled out, “It’s like black and white” to loud laughter. McHenry showing a ton of class let the remark pass.

You know I am not comfortable being this crass, but I am really sick of these assholes who think that somehow they are more authentic Americans. That somehow they are superior. They have no idea what America really is or what it stands for. They just happen to live here.

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