Monday, September 08, 2008

Sarah Palin is just another GOP Liar

As we all now know Sarah Palin lied about being "against" the infamous Bridge to Nowhere.
She was, in fact, a supporter of the now-mocked symbol of pork and earmarks. She was a supporter during the entire process, up until the now-magical point when the entire thing had devolved into farce, and not even Republicans could attach themselves to such a boondoggle without paying a political price.

We know that Sarah Palin lied about being "against" earmarks. Yet we know that as mayor of her Wasilla she hired a Team Abramoff lobbyist to squeeze Washington for generous funds. The lobbyist delivered $27 million worth of earmarks to the town of less than 7000 people: a fine haul, as she said so herself, in her own handwriting.

Sarah Palin has lied. Baldly and repeatedly. But she doesn't care, for there is no price to pay. Repuglicans see no problem for lying, and the MSM will not make her pay.

The McCain campaign will continue to repeat the lies about Earmarks, the Bridge to Nowhere, the palne on eBay, firing the Governor's chef, TrooperGate and a dozen other things, because there is no penalty.

The thing is Repuglicans have no moral taboo whatsoever against lying. The only relevant question for the Repugs is whether the lie is effective -- not whether it should have been done in the first place.

This is why we can watch Karl Rove go on a cable news show and rail against the inexperienced nature of one possible vice presidential candidate -- a Democrat -- and without batting an eye he can praise unequivocally, a plainly less experienced Republican pick.

For Repuglicans it's to hell with facts, there is always another election to be won.

Palin may be an unapologetic liar, but there isn't anything even slightly surprising about that; she is a tried and true Repuglican.

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