Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hank Paulson To Dems: Not Allowing CEO’s to Keep Multi-Million Dollar Salaries Is A “Poison Pill”

You knew that the Republicans had to figure out some way to screw this up. Henry Paulson is now saying that to impose compensation limits on Wall Street executives as part of the Bailout is a "poison pill."

Say what?

A poison pill?

The executives who drove their banks into insolvency should get to keep their golden parachutes?

Is Paulson saying that Republicans will stop any bill that reigns in executive compensation in exchange for a bailout?

If Congress is to hand over 700 billion dollars, it should do so with meaningful conditions.

Call or fax your Congressman and tell them not to accept this. The bailout must have impose some realistic compensation limits on the Wall Street executives who are being bailed out. Contact the Obama campaign and tell them that the Senator has to demand compensation limits on the Wall Street executives.

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