Monday, September 29, 2008

This Was Helpful??? Part Four

John McCain and his surrogates has been trying to claim credit for a bail out deal, which was always a joke, but now just looks pathetic. Republican Party leader John McCain returned to Washington claiming he was going to get a deal done. McCain and his surrogates boldly claimed that he would get House Republicans on board.

Over the weekend a deal was hammered out, even though John McCain stayed home and did not go to the Hill. The claim was he worked the phones (though he did not talk to a single Democrat), and then went to dinner with Joe Lieberman instead of joining the actual negotiators on the Hill. The one honest thing that John McCain could claim was that he talked to House Republicans, yet when the vote came up today, the majority of Republicans voted against the bill and killed it.

A majority of Democrats voted for the bill. Had the majority of Republicans done the same, it would have passed. John McCain supported this bill, and he is the leader of the Republican party, so why was he unsuccessful in getting House Republicans to join?


Because John McCain is not some great Congressional leader. Many Republicans hate him. He has no real base on the Hill. The canard that he was going to somehow bring everyone together in a bipartisan manner was just a joke. And today is the perfect example of the extent of John McCain's great powers to bring people together.

A basic break down of the last five days is that John McCain faked ending his campaign, took 22 hours to make a 60 minute trip, crash landed into the negotiations in Washington, blew up the talks, claimed he would not debate unless there was a deal, then debated even though there was no deal. He then declared he would return to Washington DC and bring House Republicans into the talks, get their concerns assuaged, but then failed to deliver that which he promised when he couldn't get his party on board.

John McCain was just tested, and failed miserably.

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