Friday, September 26, 2008

Breaking: McCain Will Debate

John McCain has decided to try the tried and true tactic of retreat and declares victory. McCain’s campaign said Friday morning that he will attend tonight’s debate with Senator Barack Obama at the University of Mississippi, reversing his earlier call to postpone the debate so he could participate in the Congressional negotiations over the $700 billion bailout plan for financial firms.

Even though no deal is on hand, McCain has decided it is on firm enough footing that he can deign being in Mississippi for the evening. Of course he wants you to know that he will be right back to Washington DC.

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Chris R. said...

I am glad to hear McCain will debate!!

These times call for people who will lead, and tell the American people how they will lead, not avoid the topic by trying to show how "Patriotic" you are.

If they really needed John McCain's help with the bailout plan they would have made it evident, however Sen. Dodd and the committee appear to be hashing out the bill without interference just fine.