Friday, September 19, 2008

George W. Who?

One of the striking things about the economic disaster the nation has been facing is where is George W. Bush. The country is facing an economic disaster yet the President has been no where to be seen. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke are out front confronting an economic disaster, which has included the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the sale of Merrill Lynch, one of the most volital weeks in the stock market, the single biggest drop in the market in seven years, and a government takeover of American International Group, and the president is AWOL.

The president should be someone who takes charge and tell the country not only what is going on, but what he is going to do about it. We of course have the idiot king as a President. Perhaps recognizing the fact that Bush is an idiot, the White House has kept the President out of the public spot-light. Look at the quote by White House spokesman Tony Fratto, "'We decided it would be best to limit public comment about markets..." Even the White House knows that the worst thing Bush could do to the economy is have him talk about it at length.

Instead they let Bush out for a couple of minutes yesterday morning, where he offered brief, unsubstantive and unpersuasive assurances to the nation.

Should we not be worried though that decisions are being made without the President? Or, should we be calmed that decisions are being made without the President? It just shows the disaster Bush has been.

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