Friday, January 30, 2009


Today President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden held their strongest pro-union event thus far in their young administration. Earlier today they addressed a labor-heavy crowd at the White House as President Obama signed several pro-union executive orders.

Speaking to the crowd, President Obama announced that Vice-President Biden will be chairman of a task force charged with improving and strengthening the country's middle-class. He said "We have to reverse many of the policies toward organized labor."

Vice-President Biden was much more blunt as he addressed the assembled pro-union crowd:
"Welcome back to the White House!"

This drew a loud and sustained applause.

Vice-President Biden noted that he'll be leaning heavily on his economic adviser, Jared Bernstein who has worked for years as a senior official at the Economic Policy Institute, a labor-funded think tank which advocates for low and middle-income workers.

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