Monday, January 19, 2009

Moments of the Inauguration Concert

HBO claims it owns Obama's inaugural concert. This is a load of crap. Yes they paid money to help put it on but they do not own this moment in time. To start with HBO picked a fight with the Obama Inaugural Committee over openly-gay Bishop Gene Robinson and censored Robinson's invocation, so no one would see it, and now they are scouring the Internet to make sure no one sees yesterday's Obama inaugural event unless they watch a HBO produced product.

So here are videos of the event, starting with the video of Bishop Robinson's invocation yesterday. Let's hope HBO is not truly dumb enough to have this taken down, after they censored the broadcast already.

Here is Bruce Springsteen recorded with a Flip recorder. Bruce Springsteen was the first musical performer, singing "The Rising."

Now here is, Herbie Hancock nad Sheryl Crow singing Bob Marley's "One Love"

Here is actor Denzel Washington giving a great speech:

Here is U2 singing "We are One":

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