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My Post to Barack Obama's

Here is my post to Barack Obama's It concerns me that we keep hearing this idotic clap trap about "looking forward as opposed to looking backwards." This is just a dumb answer being put forth by very intelligent men. Over the last eight years the laws of this nation were routinely disregarded, and our Constitution took a very serious hit.

We, as a nation, can't make things right going forward by ignoring the crimes of the recent past. As I said in my post to, we are actually looking forward when we want the Bush Administration investigated, and prosecuted when warrented. To not do so is to take anther step towards the fall of this great Republic. George W. Bush and Dick Cheney took to many of these steps already. If all future presidents are led to believe there will be no penalty for their criminal wrongdoing, what incentive will they have to honor the law?

You can read my post below, and I ask that people go to and vote it up, so maybe it will be read. I ask people go to and give your thoughts, make your suggestions, and ask your questions. It is one small step to taking back this country.

Here is my post:

Barack Obama noted the other day that he believes the nation should "look forward as opposed to looking backwards." This comment came in response to a question about investigating alleged crimes committed by the Bush administration.

This answer was stupid.

It suggests that I am only interested in punishing those members of the Bush Administration. This is in no way my priority. My main concern is that by sweeping away all the crimes that may have been committed by members of the Bush Administration, and possibly even the Vice President and the President, we set prescedent. If the Bush administration has proved anything is that it is too easy for the Executive Branch to break the laws of this nation, and disregard the Constitution.

While I believe President-elect Obama to be a man of honor, this nation was not set up to just trust we will always have honorable individuals entrusted with these important possitions. Quite the contrary it was set up to expect that there would one day be men like Dick Cheney who had little regard for the Constitution or the laws of this land. Part of the problem is that the balance that the legislature was supposed to offer was not there. Our Constitution was let down by members of Congress, who did not do their job.

Now the President-elect is suggesting he will also ignore his Constitutional responsibilities. I am just one voice in a sea of people, but what truly makes this nation great is I have the right to voice my concerns. If an adminstration can be allowed to break the law, and have no fear of penalty, my rights are diminshed, and are in jeapardy of being restricted more in the future. Therefore to protect and defend the Constitution, a president must do more than just obey the Constitution himself; he must hold those who have violated the Constitution accountable. This is why the response of Mr. Biden and now Mr. Obama is stupid. The President-elect must reconsider his apparent decision to let the previous administration get away with their crimes.

Political consequences aside, it's not a decision he has the right to make.

Note: the final line was taken from today's Paul Krugman editorial.

Keith Olbermann discussed the need for Barack Obama to investigate the Bush Administration for War Crimes on Countdown with Jonathan Turley. Watch it here:

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