Friday, January 09, 2009

Israel ignores U.N. call for immediate cease-fire

The United Nations Security Council voted for an immediate cease-fire. There was no dissension in the vote as the vote was 14-0 (the United States abstained). Israel of course ignored the U.N. call for immediate cease-fire, and actually targeted a U.N. convoy delivering aid to the beleagered Gazan population. Israeli warplanes dropped bombs on the outskirts of the city of Gaza, hitting at least 50 targets, and tanks fired on houses killing six Palestinians from the same family.

The U.S. abstained from the U.N. vote despite assurances by outgoing U.S. Secretary of State Condi Rice to her colleagues that the US would sign off on the resolution. Again the United States shows that under Bush they are not a world leader, and that Rice has been one of the worst Secretary's of State ever working for the worst President in American history.

Israel's immediate reaction to the ceasefire call was to intensify its bombardment of Gaza.

Watch a report here:

Now the U.N. has suspended food shipments to Gaza and the Red Cross accused Israel of blocking medical assistance after forces fired on aid workers, killing two. The invasion of Gaza has left over a million Palestinians in Gaza increasingly desperate for food, water, fuel and medical assistance.

The official statement of UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA):
"The IDF knows all of our movements, and coordinates. Despite that we are still coming under attack. Until the [Israeli Defense Forces] can guarantee the safety and security of our staff, everything is suspended."
Cenk Uyger of the Young Turks explains how it is hard not to be angry with Israel for their actions. There is no excuse for this attack on the U.N. truck, because the United Nations did everything required to ensure the safety of the truck. This attack on the U.N. truck comes after the U.N. school was bombed.

The UN is also reporting that about 30 Palestinians died earlier this week when Israeli forces shelled a house in Gaza City into which Israeli soldiers had previously moved more than 100 people, half of them children. It is now estimated that at least 770 Palestinians and 14 Israelis have been killed so far. However there is reason to believe that not all of the dead have been discovered as movement in the Gaza strip is near impossible.

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