Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Damaged Moral Standing and Bush's Bubble

Yesterday in his final (thank God) news conference, George W. Bush declared, "I strongly disagree with the assessment that our moral standing has been damaged."

Bush is delusional. He lives in a bubble that has served neither this nation or his Administration. His actions have dreadfully damaged our moral standing. Want proof, check out this Pew Global Attitudes Project report. According to the Pew Global Attitudes Project, "positive views of the United States declined in 26 of the 33 countries where the question was posed in both 2002 and 2007."

During a rather petulant outburst Bush also claimed, "It may be damaged amongst some of the elite, but people still understand America stands for freedom, that America is a country that provides such great hope."

But it isn't just "the elite" who question the negative effect that Bush's presidency has had on America's standing in the world. As a Gallup fact-check of Bush's comments points out, 69 percent of Americans believe that the "U.S. position in the world" lost ground under Bush.

Mounting discontent with U.S. foreign policy over the last eight years has translated into a concern about American power. In the view of much of the world, the United States has played the role of bully in the school yard, throwing its weight around with little regard for others' interests, according to a Pew report.

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