Sunday, January 11, 2009

Air America's Breakroom

Last year Air America made another of it's many blunders when it took Sam Sedar off the air. Sam Sedar is a guy who should have a radio show, because he brings both passion and good analysis to the air. For those of you who don't remember or never knew, Sam started on Air America with Janeane Garafalo in their 8-11 PM slot. They were good together.

One thing about Sam Sedar is that he perseveres. He has continued with Air America doing work on the website, and now he and Marc Maron (another of the original Air America personalities) are hosting a daily, live online political talk and comedy show,

For over a year Marc Maron and Sam Seder have developed this program. At first they were doing a weekly video chat with Marc in California and Sam in Massachussetts, then they brought the concept to Air America, and the show became a daily event. The show has evolved and this last week they changed the name from Sedar vs. Maron, to the Live From the Breakroom. Personally I like this concept, it adds to the fun. Sedar and Maron take a seat in the Air America break room to discuss the hot topics of the day, have live guests, do great comedy sketches, and have developed some recurring segments. They stream this live at

Check out Marc and Sam doing from the CEO of Air America's office.

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Watch: Break Room Live Featuring Janeane Garafalo here:

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One of the recurring comedy sketches is the Presidential Pardons. They are great, check out Friday's Presidential Pardon of the unemployed:

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Or this where Bush Pardons Dow Jones:

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