Saturday, February 14, 2009

House and Senate Pass the Economic Stimulus Package

Yesterday President Barack Obama earned his first major victory with the passing of the $787 billion economic stimulus package. The news commentators are marking this as a "major milestone on our road to recovery."

The House voted 246-183 to pass the economic recovery plan, again with zero Republican votes.

Then Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio rushed back to Capitol Hill last night, to give the economic stimulus bill its 60th vote.

The package is now on the way to the White House.

Speaking in his weekly radio and Internet address, President Obama said, "I will sign this legislation into law shortly, and we'll begin making the immediate investments necessary to put people back to work doing the work America needs done."

Watch President Obama's Internet address here:

2/14/09: Your Weekly Address from White House on Vimeo.
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