Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Daschle withdraws his nomination for HHS Secretary

Former senator Tom Daschle has withdrawn his nomination for Health and Human Services Secretary, after it was revealed he failed to pay over $100,000 in taxes. In a statement, Daschle vowed that he “will not be a distraction” from the fight for health care reform. Earlier today, Senator Jim DeMint called on Obama to withdraw Daschle’s nomination, becoming the first Republican to do so. DeMint was obviously going for Conservative Hypocrite of the week, but it looks like Daschle wanted to get out before the pressure got too big.

What sucks is that when you actually look at what Daschle did, it is apparent that the 30 second news bytes our media keeps pushing greatly distorted the reality of the situation.

Now the questions will start to roll out.

Why did he pull out?

Were there more tax problems?

Did he just grow tired of the scrutiny?

What is President Obama's Plan B for HHS and his health care reform campaign?

Remember when Senator Daschle was nominated he was supposed to run the largest cabinet agency and to steer the debate on health care reform.

This will be the major debate of the talking heads tonight.

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