Monday, February 16, 2009

Obama: I'm An Optimist -- Not A Sap

After a tough start to his Presidencey, President Barack Obama sat down for an interview with the National Journal. The National Journal makes the point that President Obama appears increasingly focused on ends, not means. My point is that this seems to be President Obama's modus operandi all along. In the interview President Obama said he is open to reaching across the aisle, but policy results matter. Here are some snippets of what he told the National Journal:

"My bottom line is not how pretty the process was."

"My bottom line was: Am I getting help to people who need it?"

He also added:
"I am an eternal optimist [but] that doesn't mean I'm a sap."

This article again points out that President Obama is open to consultation, compromise and readjusting his course to build inclusive coalitions, but will keep the results he intends to produce fixed. Not a bad plan in my estimation.

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