Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Who Will Be The Next Junior Senator from Illinois?

This question is very much up in the air.

According to the Illinois constitution, the Lt. Governor is first in line to take over as Governor, "[i]f the Governor is unable to serve because of death, conviction on impeachment, failure to qualify, resignation or other disability." Should Blagojevich be subject to any of these conditions in the near future, Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn would assume power and be responsible for appointing Obama’s successor. Lt. Gov. Quinn has said Blagojevich should step down.

Illinois Rep. Tim Hare (D) says the allegations are serious enough that Blagojevich should resign if they are true:
Today is a sad day for the state of Illinois. It is important that we let the justice system run its course and remember that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. But if these allegations are even remotely true, they would represent a shameful breach of the public trust and be cause for the Governor’s immediate resignation.

This is very important because Blagojevich could name himself, and cause all types of issues.

Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois has called for a special election: "The General Assembly should enact a law as quickly as possible calling for a special election to fill the Senate vacancy of Barack Obama. No appointment by this Governor could produce a credible replacement," he said.

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