Friday, December 05, 2008

Alberto Gonzales is in a bit of Trouble.

Flying under the media's radar is the investigation of former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. Now it's looking more and more like prosecutor Nora Dannehy's investigation into the US Attorney firings has Alberto Gonzales in its crosshairs. Earlier this week TPM Muckraker reported that prosecutor Nora Dannehy's investigation contacted the ex-Attorney General in connection with the probe.

Now TPM Muckraker is reporting that recent legal filings show that Gonzales' lawyer, George Terwilliger Jr. of White & Case, is no longer representing him in a separate case, a civil suit alleging that law students were denied DOJ jobs thanks to illegal politicization at the department under Gonzales.

Speculation is that Terwilliger has withdrawn from the civil suit so he is able to devote additional time to Dannehy's more serious investigation into criminal wrong-doing.

Countdown covers it as part of the nightly run down of the 50 Bush scandals "BUSHED:

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