Friday, December 05, 2008

Obama-haters Rally to Oust Obama

Those who question Barack Obama's eligibility for the White House due to his birth status reached their collective apogee this morning in front of the Supreme Court.

The justices are considering whether to put on the docket a New Jersey case that alleges Barack Obama does not meet the "natural-born citizen" standard demanded of presidents by Article II of the Constitution.

Legal experts doubt that the case will move forward, but still some 20 people gathered on the steps of the Supreme Court building to wave flags, pray, say the pledge of allegiance, and generate as much media attention as they could.

Personally I would like the Supreme Court to review Barack Obama's birth certificate, rule it valid, and shut this story down. Lets crush once and forall this stupid conspiracy theory perpetuated by Rush Limbaugh.

Mother Jones has a video on the story here:

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