Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Really Bad Day for Coleman

On a day when Al Franken received all kinds of great news, Norm Coleman received more bad news. It has been revealed that Norm Coleman is under investigation by the FBI for his ties to businessman Nasser Kazeminy. Now a local Fox News station reports that Kazeminy allegedly funneled the Republican Senator money right when he needed money for a home renovation. Moreover, the interior designer in charge of the remodeling is a Coleman contributor and fundraiser as well.

Norm Coleman is in all kinds of trouble. Not only is he in trouble for this $75,000 in unreported payments from a prominent Republican businessman, there is other compelling evidence to suggest that Coleman was soliciting monetary favors from his GOP backers.

Around the same time that Coleman and his wife were allegedly receiving three $25,000 payments from businessman Nasser Kazeminy, the Senator was also getting cheaply discounted rent from a major Republican figure who served as his landlord in Washington D.C.

In July 2007 the Senator began paying $600 a month rent on his one-bedroom apartment on Capitol Hill, way below market value. His landlord is a well known Republican operative and communications guru named Jeff Larson. It was later revealed that Larson was also covering Coleman's utilities.

This D.C. arrangement raised eyebrows because Coleman had helped Larson secure millions in business related to the Republican Convention in St. Paul. There is also evidence that Norm Coleman's wife, Laurie Coleman , who is a model and actress, suddenly became an employee at an insurence company that paid her $75,000 despite the fact that she is not a licensed insurance agent, and does not live most of her time in Minnesota.

Coleman is a corrupt little man. I really hope Franken wins.

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