Tuesday, November 04, 2008

We Are NOT A Center-Right Nation

Even as this nation is about to vote for an overwhelming majority of Democrats in both the House and Senate, and quite possibly a Democratic President, the conservative wing-nuts are trying to argue that Americans are fundamentally conservative and that this is a Center-Right Nation.

We are NOT a Center-Right Nation.

This is a conservative myth that they have repeated so often that the media buys it despite the facts in their face. David Sirota has often noted, the idea that American citizens are fundamentally conservative or right leaning is a falsehood that has been allowed to bounce around too long, and is now being drummed up to undermine an Obama Presidency.

Conservatives do this by ignoring the fact that a progressive majority won back Congress in 2006 — and that Democrats are expected to make dramatic gains in their majorities today.

Today’s election results are likely to throw an even greater wrench in the “center-right country” myth.

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