Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Countdown's Take on Barack Obama's Press Conference

Keith Olbermann reported on President-elect Barack Obama's press conference, and then on comments made by President Bush on the transition. Olbermann's first guest was Countdown regular Richard Wolfe, and the two spoke about the politics of this situation. We are in very unique times, where the economic crisis has forced Barack Obama to speed up the process of putting together a cabinet and an economic team. Richard Wolfe made the bold statement that we are no longer a nation with only one President. Circumstances had forced the President-elect to act in ways that would normally be seen as out of bounds.

Keith Olbermann then spoke with Robert Reich about the New NEW DEAL, and the economics that might be a part of President-elect's stimulus plan. I am a huge fan of Robert Reich, and I like his idea's about the direction America's economy should take. In this discussion I believe Mr. Reich is correct that this nation really needs a seamless transition between President Bush and President Obama. I believe Professor Reich is correct that Obama's immediate challenge is to fill the leadership vacuum created by President Bush.

Here is Olbermann's discussion with Richard Wolfe:

Here is Olbermann's discussion with Robert Reich:

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Mberenis said...

The bailout is causing lenders to practically give away money. You would be surprised at how much cheap and in some cases "free" money is going around out there.

Bailouts for Everyone