Monday, November 10, 2008

Franken Down by just 204 votes

The vote count in Minnesota continues to shrink the difference between Al Franken and Norm Coleman in Minnesota's Senate race. Al Franken's deficit just keeps on shrinking as the state adjusts the unofficial tally in the U.S. Senate election last week.

Today's latest results show the DFL challenger is now trailing Republican incumbent Norm Coleman by only 204 votes. This is down from the 734 votes that divided the two on election night and the 221 difference that was reported over the weekend.

The Coleman campaign is freaking out and we can expect all kinds of drama, as we already have seen a couple of court filings both prior and after the election. The Coleman campaign has questioned the validity of changes, but Minnesota's Republican Secretary of State Mark Ritchie has responded that the revisions are typical and that no signs of fraud being committed hass surfaced.

These kinds of adjustments take place after every election, but it usually doesn't matter, because the margin of victory is just too large. It's really rare that a race is as close as this one.

The officials in Minnesota are following the law, and so far have done nothing questionable. This of course will not stop Norm Coleman and his fellow Republicans from questioning the process.

That's what they do.

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