Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Rick Sanchez and Joe the Whiner

The end of the campaign, no matter the result, will finally allow us to put to bed "Joe the Tax Cheat, has no licence, now a foreign policy expert, plumber."

Man I am tired of this man.

He was on CNN today with Rich Sanchez to discuss taxes, which tells us a lot about the state of cable news. Mr. Joe Plumber explained how his "principles" teach him that rich people shouldn't have to pay their taxes, but poor people should. I think Rich Sanchez is sick of old Joe too, and he will have none of Joe's crap.

In a great bit of television good ol' Joe starts whining that he's just a private citizen and all these questions being asked of him are just mean.

This is a guy who has hired an agent and went on Larry King last night. Joe is starting to sound like a bit of a wuss who has let his celebrity get to his head.

And now we learn that apparently, in addition to owing over a thousand bucks in back taxes, a hospital is coming after Joe for $1100 they say he owes them too.

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