Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Obama wins Pennsylvania and New Hampshire

A slew of states are called at 8 PM.

So much for that GOP spin about Pennsylvania and NH. Those are the blue states McCain wanted and, both were called early, which means that the margins are wide enough for the networks to feel comfortable making the call.

Obama: Pennsylvania (21), New Jersey (15), Massachusetts (12), Connecticut (7), Maine (4), Delaware (3), DC (3)

McCain: Oklahoma (7), Tennessee (11)

Too close to call: Florida, Missouri.

Too early to call: Alabama, Mississippi.

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reetha said...

Fox News has called Pennslyvania as a win for Barack Obama. This was the one 'blue' state which McCain had hopes of winning. With 21 electoral college votes it's a prize that could determine the winner. American ABC News is giving Obama 102 electoral college votes, McCain 49. They have also predicted that McCain will win Arkansas, while CNN and the BBC has given New Hampshire to Obama.
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