Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Historic Vote

A record number of Americans are expected to go out today and cast ballots to elect the 44th President of the United States, ending what can only be called "one of the most extraordinary Presidential elections in this nation's 232-year history."

Today, we as a nation waits to see who will succeed America's worst President ever, President George W. Bush. I truly believe that Americans are yearning for a dramatic change in direction. A look at a recent New York Times/CBS News poll found that "a record 89 percent of Americans now say the country has pretty seriously gotten off on the wrong track." In a Gallup poll out today, 92 percent of of registered voters agreed with the statement that "the stakes in this presidential election are higher than in previous years."

Both of the Presidential candidates, Barack Obama and John McCain, argue that they represent a change that America needs, though they offer two very different visions for America. The 2000 was a vote for which direction this country would go, though many did not recognize how different the choices were. This time everyone knows what is at stake, and that a vote for either candidate is a vote for the path this nation should go down over the next four years.

"Change is coming," declares McCain, though he does not say specifically where. While Obama talks about "the change we need," and offers a specific vision for the future.

As is to be expected in any election, the American people disagree on the exact nature of the change they believe would most benefit the country, but overwhelmingly they are looking for a dramatic departure from President Bush's America.

I truly believe this is a vote for the future. I truly fear for the direction of this country if McCain/Palin are elected.

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