Friday, March 13, 2009

South Carolina's Republican Governor Turns Down $700m in Stimulus Money

South Carolina has the second highest unemployment rate in the country, so of course their Repuglican governor is going to turn down $700 million in stimulus money for unemployment insurance. What a moron. The people of South Carolina should really think about the votes they have made. They voted for McCain 54% to 45% for Obama. They voted for this Republican governor who will screw his state for an ideology. Now their state is entering into a massive depression, and I have to wonder will they wake up? I sure hope so, because we need the whole country to succeed. We are in the midst of a great recession, we don't have time for Repuglicans.

Update: Obama says NO to South Carolina Governor's stimulus scam

The Governor of South Carolina, Mark Sanford, trying to curry favor with the far right wing of the Republican Party (the ones who vote in presidential primaries and attend presidential caucuses, btw), wants to use federal stimulus dollars to pay his state's debt instead of rebuilding schools, for example.

Today, Obama, via OMB Director Peter Orszag, said NO to Sanford's scheme:

The Obama administration has rejected South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford's request to use $700 million in federal stimulus cash to pay down state debt.White House Budget Director Peter Orszag (OHR'-zag) said in a letter to the Republican on Monday that the federal stimulus law doesn't allow President Barack Obama to make an exception for that cash. Sanford sought a waiver last week, asking to pay off debt rather than use the money to create jobs and avoid deep program cuts.Don't mess with Orszag. Now, keep in mind, Sanford pulled this stimulus stunt to garner attention. He got some of that attention in the form of an ad from the Democratic National Committee:

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