Sunday, June 10, 2007

Virtual Tour the Creationist Museum

In an interesting twist on "we watch so you don't have too" BlueGrassRoots made the trip to the $27 million dollar Creationist Museum. They really did you a favor of going to this institute of non-learning, the Answers in Genesis Creation museum, so you don’t have to.

From their Blog:
Early in the museum, the visitor is given advice on the proper mind frame to have for your visit: “Don’t think, just listen and believe”. [..] Human Reason is the enemy and God’s Word is the hero. Descartes represents Human Reason, saying “I think, therefore I am”. But God tells us there no need to waste your beautiful mind, for God says “I am that I am”.

So logic, reason and science are Bad; blind faith is Good.

And you wonder why our jobs are being outsourced…

Crooks & Liars has an update: Maybe making casting decisions on faith doesn’t work out so well. It’s a slippery slope; start researching the actors you use for your Creation videos and pretty soon, you’re learning and stuff. ((shudder)) Can’t have that, can we, Mr. Ham?

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