Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Blast hits key Iraq Shia shrine

This could be very bad in a land that has known little else. The two minarets of the al-Askari shrine in Iraq, one of the holiest sites in Shia Islam, have been destroyed by two explosions.

A 2006 bombing of this Mosque shattered its famous Golden Dome and unleashed a wave of retaliatory sectarian violence that caused the violence in Iraq to intesify. The affects of that attack still bloodies Iraq, so we can only imagine what will happen now.

This is from the According to witnesses the minarets collapsed completely after being hit by bomb blasts around 0900 (0500 GMT).

This shrine houses one of two tombs in Samarra for revered Shia imams.

The bombing of the dome at the mosque in 2006 is widely believed to have set off a continuing spiral of sectarian violence in which many thousands died.
Update: Retribution attacks begin.
Four Sunni mosques have been attacked today in apparent retribution for yesterday’s bombing of the Golden Dome Shiite shrine in Samarra, “where a 2006 bombing unleashed a wave of sectarian violence that gripped Iraq for over a year.”

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